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San Mateo Office

Pat Carbullido Executive Director

Paul Cruz Program Manager

Tsegereda T. Andarge Finance Manager

Svetlana Feofanova Accountant

Imelda Luna Office Manager

Pete Williams Caregiving & Transition Support Coordinator

Laura Harrison Housing Accessibility Modification (HAM) Coordinator

Marichu Pelayo Independent Living Assistant

Mamta Maheshwary Community Work Incentives Coordinator

Camilla Aceves Community Work Incentives Coordinator

Kellie Hanson Aging & Disability Resource Connection Coordinator

Chelsea Hargreaves Aging & Disability Resource Connection Coordinator

Eva Winbush Empowerment & Housing (EE/H) Coordinator

David Schwartz Assistive Technology Coordinator

Dean Bravo Community Health Coordinator

Nicholas Waller Community Health Coordinator

Razeefa Khan Disability Disaster Access & Resources (DDAR) Coordinator

San Bruno Office

Benjamin McMullan Systems Change Advocate

Photo of Mike Levinson.

In Remembrance of Mike Levinson

On February 28th the independent living community and CID lost a passionate advocate and determined leader in Board of Directors president, Mike Levinson.

Mike joined the CID Board of Directors in 2015, and joined because of his experience volunteering with many different disability organizations. Additionally, he found board governance enjoyable and he liked connecting with people in the community.

CID will soon have more to share about Mike's contributions to our community and how he meant so much to so many. For now, we appreciate Ligia Zuniga for stepping in during these tough times to become our new Board of Directors president.

Board of Directors

Photo of Ligia Zuniga.

Ligia Zuniga – President

Ligia Zuniga joined the CID Board of Directors in 2013 and currently serves as Board President. Ligia wanted to join the board because she remembers years ago, shortly after her car accident, trying to get services from CID, but finding it difficult and not a very good community resource. She proudly acknowledges that CID has made many improvements since then, but she still wants to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else.

Ligia has an MPA degree in public administration. She worked for many years for San Mateo County. Currently, Ligia is a sexuality health educator, advocating for sexual health, healthy relationships and reproductive health, particularly for women of color with disabilities. She also volunteers on many different commissions and boards, as well serving on the State Independent Living Council.

When Ligia isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her two sons, traveling, attending sporting events, concerts and live music. She also adores her two kitties, Bonnie and Clyde.

Photo of Lindsie Verma.

Lindsie Verma – Vice President

Lindsie Verma joined the CID Board of Directors in 2019. Lindsie wanted to join the board because as a disabled woman, she values her independence and hopes to help others maintain their independence through her role on the board.

Lindsie has a Master's in International Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She speaks Mandarin, and treasures the year she spent in Taipei as a University of Minnesota undergraduate learning the language. Her passion for languages led her to a six-year stint at a nonprofit organization that makes digital books for people with print disabilities. This, combined with experience in the tech sector, has given her a strong background in operations. She is also on the California Secretary of State's Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Lindsie enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, travel, reading, rock music, and British TV.

Photo of Jody Yarborough.

Jody Yarborough – Secretary

Jody Yarborough joined the CID Board of Directors in 2013 and currently serves as Board Secretary. Jody wanted to join the board at CID because she believes deeply in the mission of the organization. Since learning about Independent Living while as a staff member at another CIL, she was honored to be able to be given an opportunity to continue to serve her community. As a proud disabled woman, she wants to help promote and empower the independence of all people with disabilities.

Jody earned a degree in Journalism from Western Washington University. Years later she earned a technical certificate in graphic design. She considers marketing and communications one of her strongest skillsets and she is happy to apply what she has learned to projects and organizations that she interacts with.

Jody is a wife and doggie mommy. When she isn't volunteering or taking care of the home-front, she enjoys blogging, vlogging and various other creative projects. To learn more about Jody and what she is currently up to, go to www.jodyyarborough.com.

Photo of Linda Rhine.

Linda Rhine – Treasurer

Linda Rhine joined the CID Board of Directors in 2021 and currently serves as Board Treasurer. Linda is a retiree after a 35+ year career in transportation planning. Her experience spans regional planning in the Bay Area and locally for the San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) which operates the countywide door-to-door Redi-Wheels and RediCoast services. She worked for a San Francisco based consulting firm and focused on specialized services for people with disabilities. During her many years with the firm, Linda served as staff to the San Mateo County Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC). The PCC is an advocacy organization dedicated to improving the quality and availability of paratransit services throughout the county.

She is an active member of Bend the Arc, a Jewish Partnership for Justice, advocating for immigrant rights and social justice. Her daughter and family live in rural Oregon where she frequently travels to spend time with her two young granddaughters. She is a long-term Bay Area resident and currently lives near Lake Merritt in Oakland.

Photo of David Garlasco.

David Garlasco – Member-at-Large

Photo of Richard Weiner.

Richard Weiner – Member-at-Large

Richard Weiner joined the Board of CID in 2023, and recently retired after a 35+ year career as an accessible public transit planning consultant. As someone who grew up during the apartheid regime in South Africa and as a son of a Holocaust survivor, Richard was aware of political oppression and social inequities from a young age. This informed his lifelong commitment to social justice, both in his career and his political activism. As such, in both the public and private sectors, Richard worked on projects that addressed the transportation needs of the most disenfranchised communities, including people with disabilities, older adults, and low-income populations. Richard became familiar with the work of CID during his tenure providing technical assistance to the Paratransit Coordinating Council of San Mateo County, and was honored to be asked to participate on the Board.

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