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CID has collaborated with Local, County, and Statewide Organizations to design a curriculum tailored for individuals with disabilities and older adults.

CID Emergency Preparedness Videos

View CID's YouTube video series on emergency preparedness for individuals with disabilities

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Virtual Individualized
Emergency Planning Consult

Emergency planning is an individualized process. The purpose of the Individualized Emergency Planning Consult is to provide you with specific questions in the effort to review your unique needs and help prepare you as you create your own individualized emergency plan.

Complete the Emergency Planning Consult
Photo of a senior couple with a digital tablet.
Photo of a young woman with a pen filling out a paper form.

CID's Emergency Plan Template

Download a copy of CID's Emergency Plan Template to individualize your emergency preparedness plan.

Download the Emergency Plan Template

Receive 1-on-1 Consultation

If you would like to receive a 1:1 Consultation on creating an Individualized Emergency Plan,
please connect with using the Contact Us button below: