CID's Program
Goals & Objectives

  • Provide educational resources regarding COVID-19.
  • Improve vaccination rates amongst the older adults and individuals with disabilities in the county.
  • Provide resources for individuals impacted by Long COVID and post-COVID conditions.
  • And other resources… stay tuned!
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A young girl smiling and looking at her mother with both wearing masks.

Community Partnerships

Meet and get to know the San Mateo County community partners that
help bring all these resources together.

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Photo of a young woman with a masks on showing off her vaccine bandage on her arm.


With so many rumors, opinions, and myths in circulation. Explore our MythBusters to learn the truth.

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Resources & Services

Resources available ranging from Emergency PPE supplies, testing kits, mobile clinics, and much more.

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Educational Resources

San Mateo County resources for receiving information & resources for Long COVID patients.

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