CID Services Peer Support

CID is relaunching its peer support program since COVID ended and we need your feedback on what kind of peer support groups and independent living skills workshops should we offer.

Please help us with filling out our 5-minute survey letting us know what to offer in terms of peer support groups and independent living skills workshops. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the new peer support and independent living skills coordinator, Shira Leeder at or call at 650-627-6346. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

CID offers group and individual peer support services on a regular basis. CID's Peer Support Group promotes self-help strategies and supports healthy interaction and social skills. Group goals are determined by the needs and wants of the people participating. Sometimes an individual has a personal issue, such as seeking housing or employment and experience from group members will help with how to deal with the issue. These are, however, fundamentally support groups, and most people who continue to come seek the social contacts and friendship they find in the groups.

Three men together at a park in their wheelchairs.