CID Services Work Incentive Planning & Assistance (WIPA)

The WIPA program is a free service to help beneficiaries of social security disability insurance (SSDI) and/or supplemental security income (SSI) to make informed choices. This program is for individuals that are considering work, seeking work, self-employed, or currently employed. CWICs can give you advice on how work will interact with your benefits as well as recommend work incentives that can maximize your income and health care options as you return to work and achieve greater financial independence.

Call the Ticket-to-Work Hotline at 866-968-7842 to be referred to the WIPA Program.

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Resource List

We pulled together these resources to help aid your navigation through the different community and government resources offered.

Ticket to Work Program Fact Sheet:
Preventing and Managing Overpayments

If you receive Social Secur ity disability benefits, it is important to update Social Security about the money that you earn from your job when you start working. This guide and links to resources can help you learn the basics of reporting your wages and find support as you move toward financial independence through work.

Download the Fact Sheet (PDF)